Hotel in the heart of the Ribatejo region

Sorraia Hotel in Coruche

The perfect location to enjoy nature

Sorraia Hotel’s location is perfect. Surrounded by nature and fresh air, you can enjoy the most natural surroundings that Coruche has to offer.

Sorraia Hotel is located just a few metres from Coruche town centre. Located just 48 miles from Lisbon with stunning views from the banks of the Sorraia River, the hotel is the ideal place for a weekend getaway or a longer stay.

Quinta Grande

1.8 miles

Coruche Train Station

0.7 miles

Humberto Delgado Airport

57 miles

Come and visit the Sorraia Hotel and let the Ribatejo region surprise you.

The surroundings and natural views provide the Sorraia Hotel and its guests with an environment rich in peace and privacy, an environment typical of rural areas despite being located close to the town and on the river bank. You can enjoy the best tourist attractions in the vicinity of our hotel

Sorraia Hotel

Church of Nossa Senhora do Castelo

0.6 miles

Sorraia Hotel

The Municipal Museum of Coruche

0.3 miles

Sorraia Hotel

Cork Oak and Cork Observatory

3.2 miles

Sorraia Hotel

A Terra das Abelhas (bee sanctuary)

0.4 miles

Sorraia Hotel

Montargil Dam

8 miles

Sorraia Hotel

Fluviário de Mora (aquarium)

13 miles